About me

I got my first dog, Cocker Spaniel, when I was 11 yrs old. He was never shown, but I went to training classes twice a week with him, every week. I was hooked and still are. Few years later I got my first show dog, Welsh Springer Spaniel.

I was also interested in obedience and got my judging licence in 1986, but I gave it away in 1999, when I got my show judge licence. I got more and more involved with showing and judging and those are my major interests.

I’m a member of several breed clubs and canine organizations. I have been a member of the board of the Finnish Kennel Club, Finnish Basenji Club, Finnish Spaniel Society and a the chairman of our local Spaniel Club. At the moment I’m a member of the Finnish Kennel Club Show and Judges committee and a member of the Finnish Kennel ClubDogs welfare working group. I’m also the chairman of the Finnish Whippet Club and a member of the Finnish Basenji Club breeding committee and it is my responsibility to teach new judges for Basenjis.

I have three dogs at home; Smooth Collie and two Whippets.