Our first show in 2022, Lahti int. Judged by Pocas Joao Vasco, Portugal.
89 Whippets entered, our gang did well.

Photo Kati Kanerva

Mandeville Your Tricky Choice, ”Lenni”
junior class EXC 3.
Handled by Suvi Lehto

Photo Tuula Juvonen

Sagramour Little Miss Maynard, ”Mette”
Intermediate class EXC 1, CQ, Res-CAC

Photo Antti Ruotsalo

Xploring Mandeville Trick, Mandy”
Open class EXC 2, CQ


Photo Tuula Juvonen

Lenni, Mandeville Your tricky Choice was shown in the puppy show under breed specialist Säde Hohteri. He was BOS!
Beautifully handled by Suvi Lehto.

Photo Jaana Jyläntö

My Mette, Sagramour Little Miss Maynard, was shown first time. She came second with CQ in the huge junior class, 26 entries, judged by breed specialist Jarmo Vuorinen.

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