Finnish Whippet Club Show 17.-18.6.2023
Official Show 17.6.
Mandeville Always On My Mind ”Nea” second in puppy bitch 7-9 mths
Mandeville Ain’t Misbehavin’ ”Sylvi” not placed in puppy class
Mette EXC

Mandeville Always On My Mind

Open Show 18.6.
Mandeville Ain’t Misbehavin’ ”Sylvi” second in puppy bitch 7-9 mths
Mette not placed in open class

Photo KaSi, Mandeville Ain’t Misbehavin

20.5.2023 Rauma, all breed show, judge Simon Rooney, Ireland
Mandeville Your Academy Trick ”Ruben” EXC-1, CQ, BM-3
Mette EXC-2, CQ, BB-1, CAC, BOB, BIG-2

Photo Kristiina Aarnio

18.5.2023 Akaa group show, judge Jarmo Vuorinen
Mandeville Ain’t Misbehavin’ ”Sylvi” BOB Puppy
Mette RXC-2, CQ, BB-4, Res-CAC

7.5.2023 Salo group show, judge Jenna Leino, Finland
Mette EXC-3, CQ, BB-4

22.04.2023 Lahti Int. Judge Marianne Holm Larnemaa Finland
Mette EXC-2, CQ, BB-3, Res-CAC


Mandy had her pups! 4 girls and 2 boys.

24.9.2022 Eckerö Int, judge Brett Hamilton, Sweden.
Winnie EXC1

20.8.2022 Harjavalta group show, judge Charlotte Laning Vrethammar.
Winnie EXC2

13.8.2022 Turku all breed show, judge Per Lundström, Sweden.
Mette EXC1, CQ, BB3, Res CC
Winnie VG
Ruben VG4

Mandy and me spent the first weekend of August in Umeå, Sweden. A romantic weekend…

Mettes beautiful movements on the club show. Photo Antti Ruotsalo
Mette BEST IN SHOW, Res BIS Castamere Celtic Rocker, photo Antti Ruotsalo

The The Finnish Whippet Club open show with 114 entries. Judges Molly Head, GB, males and Russel Sykes, GB, females.
Sagramour Little Miss Maynard BB1, best intermediate, best female movements and best female head AND BEST IN SHOW!
Wappu, Winnie and Mandy were entered too, but they didn’t get placed.

Mette BIS Intermediate, best opposite Besties Bavarian Cream. Photo Koska Pikka

The Finnish Whippet Club annual club show with 173 entries. Judges Molly Head, GB, females and Russel Sykes, GB, males.
Mandeville Your Amazing Trick ”Mateo” EXC
Mandeville Your Magic Trick ”Manuel” EXC
Mandeville Your Tricky Choice ”Lenni” EXC,
Mandeville Your Trick or Treat ”Wappu” EXC,
Mandeville Your Latest Trick ”Winnie” VG
Xploring Mandeville Trick ”Mandy” EXC
Sagramour Little Miss Maynard ”Mette”EXC1, CQ, BB2, Res CC, best intermediate!
Mandeville breeders group 4th with HP
Xploring Mandeville Trick Progeny group 4th with HP

Ylöjärvi all breed show, judge säde Hohteri, Finland
Mette EXC1, CQ, BB2 with CC!
Mandy EXC2, CQ

Our first show in 2022, Lahti int. Judged by Pocas Joao Vasco, Portugal.
89 Whippets entered, our gang did well.

Photo Kati Kanerva

Mandeville Your Tricky Choice, ”Lenni”
junior class EXC 3.
Handled by Suvi Lehto

Photo Tuula Juvonen

Sagramour Little Miss Maynard, ”Mette”
Intermediate class EXC 1, CQ, Res-CAC

Photo Antti Ruotsalo

Xploring Mandeville Trick, Mandy”
Open class EXC 2, CQ


Photo Tuula Juvonen

Lenni, Mandeville Your tricky Choice was shown in the puppy show under breed specialist Säde Hohteri. He was BOS!
Beautifully handled by Suvi Lehto.

Photo Jaana Jyläntö

My Mette, Sagramour Little Miss Maynard, was shown first time. She came second with CQ in the huge junior class, 26 entries, judged by breed specialist Jarmo Vuorinen.

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